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Specialty Uses
The Right Pigment for the Right Product

Some specialty products require pigments and colorants with very unique properties. We provide a broad palette of colors designed for use in various demanding types of applications:

  • Inks and Toners
  • Cosmetics
  • Food & Feed
  • Paper
  • Catalyst
  • Fire Retardant
  • Abrasives
  • Think of it -- we can color it

Look around you. Color is everywhere. And sometimes it's in places you don't realize. It’s in these places and products where we can make the difference. Our wide range of iron oxide and inorganic pigments are used in diverse and unique specialty applications. Toner for computer printers, colorants for pet foods, cosmetics, adhesives, polishing compounds, fire retardants, printing ink. From iron oxides used in air bag deployment pyrotechnics to the black print on US currency, our pigments are in almost everything.

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