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The first dry, micro-granulated color that combines the flowability of liquid with the advantages of powder.

Granufin® free-flowing pigments and the Granumat® concrete color metering system are so innovative, they were granted patent 4,946,505. Granufin® is the only pigment granule with a binding ingredient that stays intact during transport and metering and then enhances color development when mixed into concrete.

A Complete System

The Granufin®/Granumat® color system includes Granufin® micro-granulated pigment and Granumat® dosing systems (instert link to Granumat heading), which automatically weighs and transports pigment from bulk storage directly to the concrete mixer in a completely enclosed automated batching operation. For many concrete producers, automated metering can be a more economical method for producing colored concrete. Granufin® colors are free-flowing, easy to handle and virtually dust-free for a cleaner manufacturing plant. They come in bulk super-sacks weighing between 680 to 1,200 Kilos to further minimize transportion and handling costs.

Low-Dust Technology

Granufin® begins with highly concentrated pigments that are turned into a liquid with high-speed grinding equipment that coats individual pigment particles with color-activating agents. The liquid is then sprayed into fine droplets and dried. It is during this spray-drying process that micro-granules are formed and the color-activating agent solidifies, binding individual pigment particles together into nearly perfect spheres with a water-receptive surface that range in size up to 300 microns. When stored and transported, granules stay hard. When wet, they rapidly dissolve into the mix.

Proven Ingredients

The primary ingredient is concentrated Synthetic Iron Oxide pigment, high-quality Red, Yellow or Black grades that meet or exceed ASTM, DIN and British standards for fade resistance and concrete compatibility. Carbofin® is a granulated carbon made in a proprietary process to prevent carbon fading. Granufin® Magnit D Super is enhanced with Carbofin for extra tinting power. The binder ingredient in all granulated products is a commonly used concrete plasticiser which rapidly breaks down in water and increases tint strength above ordinary powders.

A Shade for All Users

Four primary colors are standard: Black, Yellow, Light Red and Medium Red. These can be combined on-site to make a wide spectrum of popular concrete colors. In addition, there is a selected range of brown, buff, gold and tan Granufin® colors available in 55 pound bags as well as bulk-sacks for clean and convenient handling without automatic systems. Granulated versions of Titanium Dioxide White and Chromium Oxide Green are also available to complete the color palette.

Consitant Color

Every bulk-sack of Granufin® is shipped with its own inspection certificate verifying color shade and tint strength meet our precise quality standards.

Double the Density

Granufin® micro-granules pack into a volume that is nearly 1/2 the size of powder pigment, increasing storage space available in your operation.

Contains No Water

Free-flowing, low-dust Granufin® micro-granules
Up until now, the easiest way to automate color metering was to install a liquid color system. With Granufin®, now you can automate without the hassle of making slurry-on-site or purchasing premanufactured slurries which contain up to 40% water. In some zero-slump manufacturing operations, the water added by slurry is enough to cause mix problems. With Granufin® free-flowing granules and the Granumat® metering system you get all the handling advantages of liquid without the added water.

Color you can rely on

Measured Values
Tinting Strength
+ / - 5% (DIN 53237)
Color Accuracy (Delta E)
< / = 1.5 (DIN 53236)
7 - 9 (DIN/ISO 787/9)

Granufin® is manufactured by Huntsman, the leading pigment supplier to the concrete industry. We offer automated dispensing equipment, installation and start-up assistance, color formulations to match your product standards or custom color requirements, and ongoing technical and marketing support. Nobody knows concrete color better than Huntsman.

Granumat Metering Equipment

Granumat automatic metering systems are available in three base models with a variety of configurations and features to accomodate the varying requirements and budgets of concrete product manufacturers. The Babymatª is designed for single color metering accurate to +/- 50 grams. The Granumat® MC can handle up to 6 colors, store 99 recipes in its PLC control and meter color accurately to +/- 30 grams. The top-of-the-line Granumat® PC is operated by computer and capable of handling six colors, 600 recipes, alternating recipes randomly or in sequence and metering accurately to +/- 10 grams. All Granumat® systems can be positioned up to 150 feet away from the mixer and all are capable of serving up to three mixers simultaneously.

The Granumat® automatic metering system is fully-closed and can serve up to three separate mixers simultaneously over a distance of 50 meters
Low-profile, horizontal-feed Granumat® 6-color dispensing system for factories with headroom restrictions.
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