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Our Torino site in Italy has a tradition of colour excellence after more than 75 years as a family-owned business previously known as Silo Pigments. Located in Italy’s industrial heart, the site has been producing iron oxide and chromate powder pigments since 1921. The production facilities have been gradually expanded and modernized. Large-scale reaction vessels and processing systems (reaction volume up to 2,400 m3) ensure top pigment quality by application of state-of-the-art production technology. The Torino facility is one of the three largest pigment manufacturers in the world and demonstrates our commitment to environmentally-compatible production methods along with optimal energy efficiency through ultra-clean salt recovery and water purification treatments as well as through investments in energy efficient process technology.

Since 1997, the site has operated a spray-drying facility for the production of Granufin® micro-granules, part of the worldwide patented Brockhues concrete colouring system.

Red, Yellow and Black iron oxides are synthesized at the Torino site and marketed under the Ferroxide™ brandname. The name Ferroxide™ stands for a wide range of yellow, red, brown and black powder pigments which are characterized by high colour intensity and brilliance, utmost purity and resistance to weathering. These high-quality powder pigments are used in all major areas of pigment applications: concrete construction materials, paper, ceramics, plastics, toner, paints and coatings.

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