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Huntsman manufactures or distributes all of the pigments products listed on this website. Our manufactured products are almost exclusively inorganic-based pigments because of their long history of proven performance, wide compatibility in all applications and standard-setting reputation for durability and weather-resistance. Our pigments are designed for use in paint, plastics, color concentrates, building materials, concrete, rubber, ink and specialty applications such as catalysts, paper, cosmetics and toner. We also provide custom-engineered pigments with system-specific characteristics such as heat-resistance or high-purity or we can blend and custom match colors to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Artist Colour Pigments

A complete palette of traditional artist pigments, based on cadmium, cobalt and iron compounds which are universally compatible in oil and water-based media and can be used at different loading rates to impart transparent, translucent or opaque coloration with excellent color brilliance and permanence.

Cadmium Pigments

Cadmium Pigments have unique properties and near-universal compatibility with plastics, coatings, artist colors, ceramics and glass. Our Cadmium Pigments are extremely insoluble inorganic compounds, tightly controlled to ensure levels of soluble cadmium conform to European Food Contact Limits (0.01% soluble cadmium), Safety of Toys Directive (75 ppm soluble cadmium) and US TCLP limits (1.0 ppm soluble cadmium).

Colourplex® Pigments

A series of calcined complex inorganic pigments made by high temperature reaction of metal oxides or salts. Colourplex® pigments are universally compatible and are recommended for high performance applications where weather resistance, thermal and chemical stability are critical parameters. The unique properties of cobalt pigments make them ideal for use in camouflage and building material applications.

Davis Colors™ for Decorative Concrete

Davis Colors provides specially-blended color pigment additives for anything that can be made out of concrete including cast-in-place and decorative concrete, masonry, pavers, precast, ready-mix, stucco etc. Davis also designs, manufactures and installs automatic color dosing systems for concrete product manufacturers.

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Disperfin® & Addipast® Pigment Preparations

Disperfin® are high-quality liquid preparations of red and yellow transparent iron oxide used individually or in combination with Addipast® concentrated black pastes to create dramatic wood grain enhancing effects in stain and varnish applications as well as impart UV and weather resistance properties.

Ferroxide™ Iron Oxides

Synthetic red, yellow, orange, brown and black iron oxides are non-toxic and made from 60% post-industrial recycled content processed in both micronized and regular grades. High-purity versions are also available for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food-contact applications. Ferroxide™ pigments make our environment more exciting by adding color to concrete, paint and plastic products, and they’re environmentally friendly too.

Granufin® Pigment Granules

Granufin® color pigments are free-flowing, easy to handle and virtually dust-free. They are micro-granulated forms of red, yellow, brown and black iron oxide pigments, titanium dioxide white, chromium oxide green and cobalt blue designed for use in building product applications, concrete, concrete masonry, pavers, rooftile and asphalt applications. Granufin® pigments are engineered for automatic handling by our Granumat® computer-controlled dosing systems for a cleaner work environment.

Hydrotint® & Colorfin® Liquid Pigments

Hydrotint® pigments are highly-concentrated liquid versions of iron oxide red, yellow, brown and black for use in concrete manufacturing applications. Colorfin® is a liquefied version of carbon black. Both Hydrotint® and Colorfin® are used in combination with our automatic liquid dosing systems.

Mapico® High Heat-Stable Pigments

Tan, Yellow and Black pigments of zinc ferrite, iron oxide and manganese ferrite for superior color stability in high heat applications such as plastics, powder coatings and fire-resistant materials.

Natural Pigments

We process naturally-occurring umber and sienna into micronized grades suitable for coatings and colorants in addition to carrying natural iron oxide reds, yellow ochre and Van-Dyke brown.

PhosGuard® Corrosion Inhibiting Pigments

PhosGuard® is a series of zinc-phosphate and activated zinc-phosphate based pigments which contribute corrosion fighting properties in coatings.

Sicovit® Pigments

A diverse range of High Purity Iron Oxide pigments developed for use in Pharmaceutical applications, produced at our fully-certified cGMP facility to meet the most stringent global pharmacopeia standards. The range has outstanding levels of purity, as well as high tinting strength, chroma, excellent lightfastness and dispersibility.

Solaplex® Pigments - A whole new class of pigments

The Solaplex® range of color pigments is a completely new, novel class of bright yellow and orange pigments developed specifically to replace old-technology pigments that contain lead and chrome. Solaplex® pigments are sun and weather fast and they help replace toxic metals in paints and coatings. Learn more about Solaplex® Pigments.

Timbasol® Wood Colorant

Liquid color dispersions for wood coatings available in a wide range of 'stir-in' solvent and water-based formulations. Timbasol® dispersions are made with our Trans-Oxide® pigments to enhance the appeal of wood with natural tones and decorative color shades in addition to increasing durability and weather protection.


Liquid color dispersions for solvent-borne coatings.

Trans-Oxide® Pigments

High performance transparent iron oxide pigments available in red, yellow or brown for use in automotive, wood and industrial coatings and artist paints. Trans-Oxide® pigments are manufactured to have needle-shaped particles that will not scatter light even when fully dispersed in the coating or vehicle. This makes them completely transparent and yet still able to impart high color tint strength, weather resistance and UV-barrier properties.

Ultramarine Pigments

Ultramarine pigments are used in a variety of applications including plastics, coatings, cosmetics, artists colors and printing inks. Learn more about Ultramarine Pigments.

Color Automation & Dosing Systems

We have several different types of automatic color pigment handling, weighing and dosing systems configured for use in different types of automated product manufacturing processes. The Granumat® system is designed for our Granufin® free-flowing, low-dust pigments, the Chameleon® system and Concrete Palette(TM) software are designed for ready-mix and precast applications and ColorBatch(TM) systems are available for liquid color metering. In addition, we provide complete installation and service support programs.

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